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Meet Esther the Wonder Pig

"Esther came to us as a supposed "minipig". Little did our uneducated asses know we were in for a big surprise… literally!

Esther is a pig, that’s really all we know since she was misrepresented as a “micropig”. She was born in spring of 2012 to what we believe was a commercial farm litter. She was somehow removed, perhaps because she was a runt?, and somehow found her way to us. 

We hope this page will make you take a minute to re-evaluate some of your daily choices, such as bacon for example. We always seem to prefer the “I’d rather not think about it” approach, but if you took just a few minutes to learn how brutal life is for these loving, intelligent and compassionate animals I know it would change your mind and maybe even convince you to give a vegitarian/vegan lifestyle a chance.”

Photos/caption by Steve Jenkins | ©Esther the Wonder Pig

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